Dir. Gabby Fresh

Project Description:


“Surreal” is a video I am doing to show the changes in nature on the University of Oregon campus. For almost a year I have been filming the color changes in leaves, snow covered mountains, dewy grass and blooming flowers. I wanted to add a website to this project and give it some more publicity. The website must be interactive so users can follow the seasons through the lens, just as I did.

About the Director: Gabby Fresh

Gabby Fresh is a sophomore at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism. She has been a member of Duck TV for over a year and knows all there is to know about a camera. Gabby excels with video editing, photoshop and web design. She requires a team with good leadership, structure and enthusiastic members.




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Twitter: @gabbyfresh

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7 Web Designers,  3 Videographers, 4 Writers