To Startup or Not to Startup: The New Youth Question

By Sasha VanHoven for 99U

6 Creative Ad Agency Resumes

By Jack Marshall for Digiday

Why Young Creatives Should Really Consider Moving to a Smaller City

By Vivian Giang for PolicyMic

5 Best Tumblrs By Agency Creatives

By Haniya Rae for Digiday


Agency creatives have long had side projects to express their creative sides in ways other than in the service of commerce. This being nearly 2014, more often than not that leads to Tumblr.


The Yahoo-owned platform has long been a creative playground for the digital class. Agency creatives have been building clever, popular Tumblrs all year long. Here are five of Digiday’s favorites, ranging from bodega goods written as craigslist broker posts to people explaining their most significant objects to gallery guards completely bored at museums . . . read more



What Not to Say in a Job Interview

By James Caan


Setting yourself apart from the crowd is vital when you are looking for that new job. This applies for all stages of the recruitment process - you want to ensure that your CV is at the top of a recruiter or hiring manager’s pile, and that your interview shows you in the best possible light.


People looking to fill a role will be looking for that something special which sets the very best candidates apart. To give yourself the best opportunity, here are some very common mistakes and phrases which you should try to avoid in those all-important interviews.

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How to Get Better Sleep (and Need Less Every Night)

By Alan Henry for LifeHacker


Many of us struggle to get enough sleep every night, but is the sleep we get any good? While it's important to get enough sleep, better sleep is a greater ally than more hours of sleep. We sat down with a sleep expert and a stack of studies to help you get a better night's sleep and need less in the process. Here's how. read more




How Much Should You Charge for Design Work?

By Jessica Hische for FastCo Design


You can learn a lot about the business end of design and illustration by trial and error and reading articles and books, but one thing that is seemingly impossible to get a grasp on is pricing. Whether you are a student, a young designer, or a seasoned pro, pricing jobs can be one of the most frustrating parts of the creative process. The cost of creative work is shrouded in mystery and very subjective. While it makes some people uncomfortable to talk about art and money together (as we all know creatives are really meant to suffer through life and die penniless), they are incredibly similar when you think about it. What is money other than dirty rectangles of pressed tree pulp? Because we all believe it has value it is valuable. read more




Working Long Hours Could Kill You

By Dan Nosowitz for FastCo Design


Research has previously shown that taking vacations is good for your health. But working less throughout the year might be good for you, too. The Economist put together a scatter graph that finds a significant correlation between how much you work and premature death (eeee). read more

9 Facts Every Creative Needs to Know About Collaborative Teams

By Christian Jarrett for 99U


Look behind any creative success story and you’ll usually find a great team, a group of passionate people who raised each other’s game.  When thinking about productivity we often focus on the individual, yet it’s by optimizing teams that we can truly take our projects to the next level.


How? One secret weapon you have is to appreciate the psychological factors that turn a group of individuals into a cohesive team unit. read more


There’s a deep divide in the tech industry these days. New startups boast the “startup lifestyle,” often have an average age of around 25, and promote fun perks (like kegs in the office) over ones like paternity leave. They tend to work on more “exciting” things. On the other hand are the well-grooved behemoths; the Microsofts of the industry.  They promote long-term employees, and forsake some of the more novel things startups promote (like all-night hackathons) for shorter work hours and a life outside the office, but move projects at a slower pace. However, they also work on long-term effect things (new technologies, hardware, software, etc.), while many startups rise and fall with no real sustaining reverberation. read more

The ad business is all about creativity, and that extends to job applications and resumes, too. Last year we took a look at some of the most amusing ad agency resignations out there, so we figured we’d follow it up with some of the most creative ad agency applications and candidate resumes we’ve seen. read more

It's true. City lights have always had some kind of hold on young people. It's exciting. It's assuring. It gives us hope that anything's possible.


The problem? Living in the city has always been expensive, but maybe now more than ever before. And if you're in a creative industry where it takes who-knows-how-long to make it, living in a big city with a small budget gets quite tough. read more

How to: Score a Job at a Creative Industry

By Jolie O'Dell for Mashable


If you're a young designer or creative developer who's thinking of applying to work at a top creative agency, you've probably sweat your fair share of bullets during the job search.


You've crafted the perfect resume, cover letter and portfolio, all of which scream "creative," hopefully without inadvertently irritating your potential employers.


But how do you know whether you might trigger a pet peeve or whether you forgot some crucial detail? read more



You'll Make Bank With These 10 Highest Paying Tech Internships

By Yohana Desta for Mashable


The paid internship is the holy grail of opportunities.


Glassdoor, a jobs website dedicated to compiling data about workplaces, has released a list of the top 25 companies with the highest-paid internships in the country.


Out of the top 25, we've pulled the top 10 tech companies with the best intern wages. Familiar names, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, made the list, but weren't able to snag the top spot. read more