Here at Group Gather, you stop being a person and become a colleague.

You have a great project idea, but you need a team to make it work. You don't just want people, you want individuals who are tenacious, brave and willing to put in the time to make it happen. But the problem isn't the project itself, but in the dynamics of the group. You don't just want people, you want colleagues.


Colleagues get work done. Colleagues are the ones who wake up at 5 AM to work with you, to cry with you and lose a little bit of sanity with you all for the sake of the project. Once you stop looking for people and start looking for colleagues, your project will transform from a napkin theory to a beautiful addition to the cultural database.


The people at Group Gather understand the importance of working with colleagues who share your passions and beliefs. Here you can search for the right colleagues with the right skills you're looking for, and find projects that need your help. Start searching today and see the strength of collaboration.





Cameron is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Advertising. He was born and raised in the Bay Area where the diversity in culture fed his passion for new discoveries.



The top Jeopardy! categories Cameron would likely ace are:

       1. Luxury Car Brands

       2. Hockey

       3. Action Movies





Danielle is true Oregonian. She has lived here all her life and enjoys all of the outdoor activities that it has to offer. If she could morph into one animal, it would be a white shark so that she could explore the ocean.


The top Jeopardy! categories Danielle would likely ace are:

      1. Comedic Movie Quotes

      2. Domestic Cat Breeds

      3. Oregon Cities





Alison is a designer with an unrelenting chutzpah and a passion for the creative. She is interested in web design and creating ad campaigns that speak to people’s aesthetics, intrigue and funny bones.


The top Jeopardy! categories Alison would likely ace are:

      1. Large Dog Breeds

      2. Word Origins

      3. Name that Stones Song